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HiT Software Releases Support for Google Cloud SQL


Ritmo supports Entity Framework and MS LightSwitch for IBM i

Ritmo ADO.NET provider

With the release of Ritmo for IBM i, version 6, application
developers now have the freedom to use Entity Frameworks or MS LightSwitch as development environments for applications requiring IBM DB2 for i data stores.  Ritmo/i v6, a 100% managed .NET provider, provides:

  • Native access to IBM i data through Entity Framework
  • Integration with Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server 2012, SSDT
  • Support for MS LightSwitch, a RAD tool available with Visual Studio
  • Support for multi-value parameters in SSRS and SSDT

Ritmo/i v6 leverages the IBM i Optimized Database Server (ODBS) protocol and requires no additional server software.

Why use CDC for Analytic Databases?

CDC for Analytic Databases

If you are contemplating using a high-speed analytic system or database to improve response time for reporting and insights, of course you will need to consider the systems that bring data to your analytic database – particularly if they affect your speed of decision-making.

Six Ways Profitable Companies Support Data-Driven Decisions

data-driven decisions

According to Loraine Lawson from ITBusinessEdge, becoming truly data-driven is not only about technology, it's about culture. Following a recent article in, she boiled it down to these six unique ways successful companies use data to outperform their competitors:

JAS Forwarding Solves Global Data Availability with DBMoto

DBMoto at JAS Forwarding

Transportation and Logistics leader JAS Forwarding achieves global reporting with real-time updates from DBMoto Data Replication and Change Data Capture solution.

Five Ways CDC can help improve Data Quality

CDC for Data Quality

Your information initiatives are only as good as the accuracy of the data supporting them.

Top 5 Reasons to Use DBMoto's Change Data Capture for Oracle

DBMoto for Oracle

If you are having a difficult time getting data merged from various databases, or getting fast updates from Oracle or other databases, consider this:

DBMoto - an Overview Video

DBMoto video

Get the basic details in this enjoyable and short video on DBMoto, a real-time Data Replication and Change Data Capture solution from HiT Software, Inc.

Why You Need CDC for Big Data

DBMoto CDC for Big Data

In the world of Big Data projects, you are faced with the three V's: Velocity, Volume and Variety. Many people believe that if they can just store all their data in a Cloud-based or HDFS system, it solves their big data dilemmas.  Not so.  There is still the very real issue of accessing and sharing that data with corporate data.  Many of the best insights are made from a combination of many data details sourced from various systems, i.e. "the whole is greater than the parts."

Top 5 Reasons for CDC in the Cloud

DBMoto Cloud Edition

Feel like your data is unreachable?

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