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DBMoto® Data Replication and Change Data Capture

Data Replication and Change Data Capture solutions support key business needs such as real-time decisioning, operational effectiveness and cost-efficiency.

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Changes such as exponential growth of data,
global business expansion, and multi-database
environments require data replication solutions
that are flexible, easy-to-use with existing IT
staff, and can be implemented quickly for
measurable results.

Today's Data Replication and Change Data
Capture solutions need to support:

  • Real-time (in addition to batch) data access and movement
  • Any size data set
  • Multiple database formats (whether source or target databases)
  • Any platform
  • The ability to embed data replication into app lications and systems

HiT Software's DBMoto Data Replication software product adds Change Data Capture technology (to minimize processing overhead), access to database logs to streamline data access, support for data synchronization, data migration, and data replication for business intelligence and data warehousing solutions.

DBMoto performs refresh and real-time data replication for enterprise server and desktop replication needs. All major database platforms are supported. DBMoto also supports Netezza data warehouse appliances as a target.

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GET FREE WHITEPAPER "Ten Tips for Change Data Capture"