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DBMoto® Data Replication and Change Data Capture for IBM i (AS/400)

DBMoto® Data Replication and Change Data Capture for IBM® i Users!

DBMoto offers broad functionality to support the most demanding data integration and Change Data Capture tasks between IBM DB2 for i (AS400)and many other relational databases.

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If you need to migrate, convert, share or synchronize data between your IBM® i system and Microsoft® SQL Server®, Oracle®, Informix®, MySQL™, Netezza®, Sybase®, or DB2 for Linux, UNIX, Windows, and mainframe, you need to evaluate DBMoto®!

• Intuitive, user-friendly graphical interface to manage
Data Integration and Change Data Capture –
no AS/400 programming required!

• Simple to install and maintain

• Specific support for IBM i systems

• Connectivity via HiT Software's Ritmo .NET Provider
specifically designed for IBM DB2 for i

• Change Data Capture based on events logged in the
IBM i journal

• Supports most CCSIDs: both single-byte and

• Setup for the IBM i is simple and entirely managed
from DBMoto's Management Center

• No limitations on number of transactions supported

DBMoto supports:

  • Real-time (in addition to batch) data access and movement
  • Any size data set
  • Multiple database formats (whether source or target databases)
  • Any platform
  • The ability to embed data replication into applications and systems

DBMoto Data Replication provides Change Data Capture technology (to minimize processing overhead), access to database logs to streamline data access, support for data synchronization, data migration, and data replication for business intelligence and data warehousing solutions.


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